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Did I blow it with the shy guy?!


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Hi! Just lookin for some advice! I posted here a few times bout this shy guy I'm really into and met a few weeks ago...He got my number from my friends but he hasn't called So I emailed him and asked him out just over a week ago and gave him my no. and still no reply! I don't get this?!? When we met we got on really well and there was some attraction goin on but now nothing! He is really really really shy! My friends tell me to give him more time but whaaaaat??? I was kinda sweet in the email and told him he was cute..


I dunno...did I scare him off? Did I come on too strong!? Should I give up on this guy? I don't really want to as I'm really into him and I was kinda thinkin he just needed more encouragement so's why I emailed him! But now I dunno what? I won't get in touch with him again - i don't wanna come off like a psycho-stalker or somethin! I just think he's cute, funny and a great guy who's so shy! So I guess I'd like to know if you're a shy guy what would you be thinkin?!? Thanks! Any advice appreciated! V. confused here!

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Hi SmintyMinty !!


I see this as a simple one. You like this guy, and you want him. You e-mailed him and told him this, and you haven't heard from him. You are now into the territory of the unknown. This is why text and e-mail messages are not the way forward with things like this. There are two sure ways of communication, and being sure of what is going on - instantly. Firstly, the phone, and secondly in person. If it was me, I would approach him in person, and ask him straight out to go out with you - on his own of course.


You won't appear like a Psycho unless you act like one. Agree with yourself to do this once, and once only. This is his oppertunity to get with you, and he can take it, or not.


Ask in person, get an answer straight away, and know that this will be solved once and for all !!!


Sieze the day


Hope this helps you some

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first i want to say it's great to see girls can be the first to ask when they see the guy is shy, i've been a shy person for a long time, and as i'm a guy i was always the one supposed to do the first step.

i never did it until i met someone i really loved more than anything and didn't want to miss because i was shy, but she wasn't interrested unfortunately. now i wish i had asked every girl i liked out even if it was not seriuos because once i'd met the good one i would have been experienced enough not to look so desperate to her.

anyway, Charmed is right, ask him in person to see how he reacts. asking a girl out through mail or letter never worked for me. i think it's strange he doesn't answer, because i am shy but if a girl was interrested in me and i knew it i would talk to her. i was shy because i feared i would ger rejected, but i he knows you like him he doesn't fear that. maybe he is not interrested in dating you and is afraid to make you sad, have you thought about that? just ask him in person and let us know good luck, don't be shy

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I actually did the same thing a couple months ago to a a girl who gave me her phone number through a mutual friend. The reason why some shy men do this is because picking up the phone and talking to a girl you're attracted to can be really nerve wracking. It took me a few weeks to finally call her and when I did I was at a loss for words. It just what I was fearing. Alot of shy guys don't know what to say or how to act over the phone with you because they're so nervous. So don't give up just yet because he might like you! What you should do however, is appraoch him and start up a friendly conversation. Don't ask him out right off the bat because he may feel a bit intimidated as some shy men get when they are approached by pretty girls. Then when he seems at ease ask him to hang out with you as friends. See if he'd like to have lunch with you or meet up for coffee. Some men are more shy then others and may want to be friends for at least a little while before taking the relationship to the next level. I wish you luck, and don't give up!

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As a shy guy I would love if the girl asked me out. I think he likes you, you should talk to him in person and I think you should just be blunt with him and say "would you like to go to the movies with me?" or some thing like that. Becous if you what for him it can take a long time befor he get brave to ask you out. (I know this one from experince, Let me just say it took me about 2 months to ask this one girl out, and there was alot of clues I did not see becouse I was shy) So just ask him out that will be your best bet. Well I hope this helps.

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