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How can she give up without really trying to make it work??

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Yeah I am back, nothing has really changed, except for I am cutting off as much of the communication that we have as I can. I have been more direct in the things I have been saying, and rightly or wrongly been telling her that what she is doing is immature and selfish. How can someone end a 6 year relationship and a brief marriage without really trying to make it work. This isn't high school.


Maybe it is just me, but in my expereince in relationships, if there is an issue you tell the person. Then give it a chance to work or not work. You don't assume that things will change when you never tell someone there is a problem. Am I wrong? Or am I right that she just wanted the perfect wedding, the incredible honeymoond and most importantly to get rid of me.


From reading other posts, it seems common that women do this. Not getting into a gender war, but aren't the females supposed to be the sensitve type? How can you turn on and off your heart and emotions so easily.


Guess now it is just a waiting game and hoping time helps erase the past six years of my life. Because someone who does this to her supposed best friend and husband is not worthy of being a friend.


Sorry for the depressing Monday post.

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I don't think it is a gender thing.

Maybe she wasn't ready for the same level of committment that you are obviously ready for?

You sound incompatible at a fundamental level...you are willing to do the work, and she is NOT.

Why would you wait around for someone who is NOT willing to do the work.

It sounds like she wants out...can you let go?

This might not sound like what you want to hear...but this could be a blessing in disguise.

Imagine what life would be like if you had stayed together.

Imagine if five years from now, you are still going through this push me/pull me garbage?

Six years is a long time...but it could have been 26 years!

Stay strong!

You deserve better!

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