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4 the men: If a guy wants anal sex does it mean he is gay?


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Hi guys,


Just a question from a girl to you men out there.

Is a man still a man if he wants to have anal sex?

If a guy wants to do anal sex with you (him inside of you). Does it mean he is gay or have an inclination? I want men´s honest opinions. My girlfriend´s and I were having a discussion about this and I want to know what a man honestly feels. Have you ever had this urge and still be straight?

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Sexuality is an attraction/desire. If the two people involved are of the same sex, and they are attracted to each other then thats homosexual.

no matter what they do.


If they are of different sexes, it doesnt what they do together, it is heterosexual.


Its not "what" you do but "Who" you do. plain and simple.

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Hi There !


As an openminded guy, I've always found the concept of MF Anal Sex as being Gay to be rather funny !


What about Anal sex is Gay? And, why is Anal Sex confined to Men?!


Conventional sex would seem to be a thing of the past, and because we no longer primarly have sex for reproduction, enjoyment has become the main priority for most people.


The acceptability of Anal is totaly relative to the person in question. The same way there are people who refuse to perform Oral sex, there are people who won't do anal. There is nothing wrong with either, just some peoples sexual threshold is different to others.


For the science, Anal gives tighter sex for the male - and that is the attraction - plus a bit of excitement about Anal is likely too. As for the woman, some enjoy it, some don't ! The same as everything else with sex, different strokes for different folks !!!

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A man's prostate (the muscular gland situation between the anus and scrotum) is basically a mans "g-spot". It's a biological fact that gentle pressure on the prostate is pleasurable and can make a male orgasm with almost more often than a lot of other kinds of simulation.


A little science to back-up what I'm saying: animal breeders that do artificial insemination, get their sperm donor to ejaculate by putting a probe into the animals anus that electrically stimulates the prostate. In most cases the animal ejaculates immediately.


I'm a hetro, I've been married for 10 years, I've never cheated. I enjoy anal from time to time, my wife indulges me, as we both couldn't be happier.

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