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16 and lost am i gay?

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Help me please i dont know if im gay or not or maybe bisexual im 16 and im totally lost i like get turned on by guys more than girls and i think im going to go insane and jump a cliff i i dont get someone to help me out here i need help to fine me please post as soon as possible please post me with advice and maybe questions you can ask me that will help you help me find out if im bi or gay or whatever o god please help

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hey man my name is gabe and i just added u to my msn messenger (SkoolHatr438@link removed)...

ok well when i found out i was bi it was with this one guy! i mean i was so attracted to him it was crazzy!!!!! i am still attractive today. but i think u might know if u are bi if you like the sense of being with the same gender. i mean ppl tell me "o ur not bi or gay unless u have sex with the same gender", but the way i see it is a LifeStyle! its what and how you feel about the same sex. U said ur turned on by guys...well do u think about them after u see them, and do u think about them nude, and even having sex or doing sumthing with them? add me to msn man and we can talk more? Love- Gabe (sorry about spelling i dont care to go back anc check)

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I'm from an all boys school. I like being with the guys more than being with the girls coz i feel more comfy with them around and i not too interested in women. I AM NOT BISEXUAL AND I AM NOT GAY!!!


There was a time I asked myself the same question. Maybe you're lonely and you just feel like you need someone to be with and you simply find it easier to relate with guys more than girls.


As for your question, you undertand yourself best. And it's upto you to choose where you want to end up in life.

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