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Trouble with a condom, please help only young...

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I'm not sure what to do me and my boyfriend were having sex and when we went to change positions the condom wasn't there, it wasn't in the bed or anywhere the only place we can think is inside me, i really would like help on this i don't no what to do and i don't want to tell anybody. please help me

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Wow what a story!! Well please make sure that you do get the morning after pill you dont want to get pregnant at 16!! Before he puts the condom on mext time make sure that his penis is that wet or anything. Also make sure to leave some space at the tip for his ejaculation to go so that the condom doesnt break. Good Luck

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if he used 1 u wud have bin able to pull it out with ease i dont think he used 1 so go get yourself checked out cuz if it was inside u u would fell uncomfortable i think he abused his rights by not putting 1 on if so tell this guy hes chucked cuz u cudda got pregnant or caught an sti not at all pretty ok hun if u need more advise pm me ok taria im 16 but i am expierienced

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ok ppl, lets get somethings straight, he obviously used one cause she said"she got it out eventually", secondly wealready established that she was getttin checked out when she said so. so in future please read all posts b4 replying. anyway...my advice to u princess is to talk to your bf and make sure he knows how to put one on properly cause itis either that or that the condom is to big for him.so i thinkyou two need a chat...

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