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whats your opinion? let me know......

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ok, where do i start? im confused, im only 17 so a definate comitment relaitonship isnt nessesary i know becuz im only young. but i like several lads at the moment, i dont like bein single cuz ive been in a long term relationship b4 and i love the feeling of bein loved, recently i have had this lad flirt with me, but im not interested in him, yet i still flirt bk and possibly by accident gave him the rong idea, i think its cuzi dont like hurting ppl, but whteva, theres other lads that i like 2, but i cant decide which one to go after, i know i cant like them all becuz if i end up goin out wiv one of em and i still like one of the others i wont be comited enuf, also, my question: is it ok to have a physical sexual relationship with no comitment?? let me no what u htink.......

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its all a matter of opinion & in my opinion, i don't think its right. i think that a sexual relationship should happen with commitment, but then again, that is my opinion. i only feel that way because i think that its more special if you have a sexual relationship with someone you love & care about. you have to decide what you think is right.

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