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Do you know what this book is called?


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Or rather, what the series is called. I remember reading them when I was back in elemantary school, I'm 21 now, so they're really old. Anyways, there are a whole bunch of them. I read alot but the one that comes to mind is this story about this girl that takes a ship to come to America to live with her brother and his beautiful wife. This was back when America first started. And her brother is killed by Indians, she falls in love with her brother's servant who I believe is called Tim. There's this guy, Michael that marries her brother's wife because she has money and he has gambling debts. It's really bothering me that I don't know what this is called. I think the main character's name is Maureen or something, it began with a M. The series of books are written by different people. I don't know, If you know, please tell me Thanks

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