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i'll tell the story first.so last year i started falling for my best friend.eventually it came out that we both had feelings for each other.needless to say we both were all about the men.so it was hard for us to deal with the whole 2 girls thing. anyway it got confusing after a bit we kinda started a relationship(one of the ones know one knows about).at the time i had alot of problems and i kept puttin her through a bunch of stuff i didnt want her involed in in the first place.she started to get worried about me.thats when our "relationship" took a turn.Something happened where she couldnt do the whole us thing no more.she said she wanted to have kids and a man so it wouldnt work out.we fought on and off for a bit then her and one of my other friends bailed on me.2 months later we started talkin again by this time i had a girlfriend but i didnt tell her at first.finally i came out to some of my friends and told them i had a girlfriend.we started hangin out more and more and my girlfriend wasnt to happy about it knowing the whole time i had loved her.well me and my girlfriend broke up and me and my friend desided to get drunk.well she starts tellin me she is in love with me and shed be with me if she wasnt in love with her boyfriend (as we were making out) then the next day she pretty much took all that she said back.idk if she really ment it or not.b/c she said she was striaght.and i guess getting married too.lol to a guy i punched in the face for her.anyway the whole on off talkin is still continuing today.after i have tried for so long to get over her why does she coming back?i mean if it was cuz she missed me she would've made an effort to talk to me right?this past week shes been sending me texts talking about the past and how she misses everyone bringing up our songs etc.and i can handle it everytime her and my other friends bail on me then come back i have to start all over agian.do u think she just likes messing with me or what?i try not to answer the phone to her but i just cant do it.whats the easiest way to make sure u dont fall for someone again?stay away from them?any feed back is appreciated.

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Hey Whathappensnext!!


Yeh - I would say staying away IS the best way to heal and get over it.



But just to answer your concern, I think the reason she "kept coming back" was because its hard for any one who once had feelings for someone to just drop out of their lives cold and never look back.


Maybe she DID miss your friendship. Maybe she ISN'T entirely happy in her new relationship, maybe she just needed closure. Whatever the reason, she's having a real hard time with it all and sounds to me like she really DOES want to move past the whole YOU and HER thing.


I think you should stay away long enough for you to heal and also move on from her.

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