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heres my situation, i am a junior in high school, and my girlfriend is a freshmen in high school. we have been together for like 2 months, and i have taken all the agravation of being hammered for dating a two year younger person. i would like to know if i am doing the right thing, she is worth it to me, but do you think that it was a good idea to go for it in the first place????????

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okay...first off...most guy prefer to date girls younger than them. i mean two years aint nothing compared to 7 or 8 years. you have nothing to worry about. it will be different if she was a sophmore and you were a senior. it really doesnt matter. just have fun. she sounds like she is worth it. so stick with it and dont worry about what others say.

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it doesnt make a difference. when i was a senior(which was last year), i knew a lot of people who dated sophomores when they were seniors. i& juniors who dated freshman. t doesn't matter, its only like 2 yrs difference. if you like her, don't worry about what others think, because its only what you think & want. no one else understands your feelings about her.

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