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  1. Guys...unfriend your ex from Facebook! Even if you say that you have enough control to not look at their profile, you will at some point and you will see something that will bother you! Don't worry about what he/she thinks when you do it, if they can't understand that you're doing it for your own healing well then screw them!
  2. Wow, today just began one month after the break up, not quite thirty days yet. Don't know what to say. I kind of hope you don't come back. Soo, umm...deuces?
  3. Day 22 I think. Not much to add. Starting to think that I deserve better.
  4. Not sure what day I'm on. 21? 22? Doesn't matter. My interest and hopes for reconciliation are dwindling. I would still be open to it but I'm not going to chase, or even hope. I have too much going on and too much to look forward to to be thinking about someone who doesn't want to be with me. I made my mistakes and admitted them to you, I never did anything intentionally, you should have communicated with me instead of holding everything in and then breaking up. I treated you like an angel, your loss not mine. Despite these words I hold no resentment towards you. I just want to find someone who wants and appreciates my love.
  5. Just about done with Day 16. Getting stronger each day, but still do miss her. I do wish that she is happy in whatever she is doing. No feelings of resentment. Somehow I think everything will be ok.
  6. Day 15: Today is going to be one of my good days. Thought hard last night, and now I'm just thinking about letting you go completely. I offered to work things out, and you refused, your loss. You think you will find another guy patient enough to deal with your mood swings and often selfish behavior and stick with them knowing you have the inability to commit? And them knowing you can never love them as much as they love you? Good luck with that. Can I have the thousands of dollars I spent on you back?
  7. Two weeks NC. Weekend was tough, thought about you a lot because normally on one of those nights we would have hung out together. I was wondering if you miss me or not, I'm sure you do. Not feeling quite like myself just yet, but I'm patient by nature. I'm certainly not depressed...but I still want that chance to make things right.
  8. Day 8. I'm starting to regain some of my lost confidence,focusing on my studies, and my laughter has returned. I'm still slightly irritable and miss her but now I have the sense that everything is going to be ok.
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