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  1. I am 41 and have kept paper journals since my teens. It clears my thoughts and helps me let go of little daily frustrations and annoyances that seem so monumental in the moment. It also helps me pray. Often when I am venting in my journal, I will be writing and suddenly see the exact way I have been trying to put my feelings into words. It is interesting to go back and read them too, because it becomes so clear how small and fleeting most of our problems actually are. What seems overwhelming today likely will not even be an issue in six months, and in five years you will be looking back at
  2. Day 57. Even when I want to break it now, there's no way I could... for all those thinking about doing it... don't!! It's the one thing we still have control over...
  3. My last two LTRs have been with men like this. Childish temper tantrums, accusations, ignoring me for days, condecsending demeanor and a complete inability to work anything out whatsoever. So we would break up. Then they would come back. When they came back and profusely apologized, they would even say and admit what they were doing wrong. That is what really threw me off. I thought if they knew it was a problem, they would also be able to work on it. Yeah right. It would happen all over again and we'd break up. Sometimes for the most ridiculous reasons (ie: I can't be with someone who I co
  4. Not even counting the days anymore, but this is week six. Not even close to over it, but I'm doing much better.
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