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  1. bite.. did she ever contact you after walking away? im glad you can say your doing well. ill keep my chin up and do yall proud cheers mate.
  2. i know you arnt really a solicitor ( or are you haha ) but i made an appointment to go see mine today for thursday. as a father am i entitled to access ( i am named on birth certificate ) and does this access have to be on there terms or is at a third partys terms that we come to an agreement using? just trying to give myself as much ammo and armour as poss thank you!!
  3. DAY 158/159 WOW... phenominal! you seem to be doing very very well! theres a few peoples storys on here that give alot of hope! but day 159, wow lol! i kinda hope by then me and the ex can get on like adults should, especially for our daughters sake! take care! good luck
  4. I did try contacting them through a message to her mothers mobile. of course had no response. and i dont want the ex to think " hes using the baby as an exuse to speak to me! " her family are very stuck up immature people! I think when the initial letter lands on her doormat, she will begin to panic! that combined with the NC should make her think a little dont you think? in the mean time im gonna try stay upbeat, i miss them terribly! i know this is wrong but: im praying she calls or texts soon. i miss her so much, even though i guess its mainly to show im movin on ( well ish ) but hopefully make her realise im gone! i know its bad and game like.. but i would never be nasty and i know shes doing this to get me to crawl and it aint gonna happen! but as i said, her and her family will keep me away at all costs
  5. NEW HERE spent the last four days reading page 1-198 of the "things to avoid certain doom" its helped me out majorly! 5 years together ( pretty good for 13/14 yr olds dnt you think ) that little bit of selfworth, that someone else will love you! my family have been great ( iv even got to enjoy a few mornings in bed lol ) shared a house with the ex, was to hard to stay there alone! so thats up on the market and moved back with family!! what makes mine so complex is we have a very young daugter ( 3 months old ) after walking out, she text me saying how sorry she was and that she wanted to be back here etc etc. her phone has been off since so i dont know when ill hear from her again!! miss her like crazy although it isnt as bad as i thought lol! missing my daughter so so much! not being able to pick her up and kiss her forehead or feel her hand hold my finger ( tears again now ) anyways im on day 4.. no contact from either side since that one text.. not that she would know if i tried contacting her even mind lol. upwards and onwards eh? going take legal action to make sure i can see my daughter as much as possible!! im trying my best GOOD LUCK TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!
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