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  1. So I've been reading these stories for quite a few days now and thought I could share some I know. I don't know many details, but yeah: 1. My brother's friend was in a LDR with his girl for about 2 years, they would see each other like every 6 months and then spend 1-2 together (he works abroad). So this summer, I think maybe late August or September he broke up with her for another girl (so GIGS) and some issues they had about future of the relationship and similar things. Eventually he realized he made a mistake (I think this other girl dumped him or smth, I was not in the country at the moment so I don't know all the details) and he went to his ex who lives 10 hours drive from here and asked her to get back together. I think they were apart for maybe 2-3 month, I am not really sure. Anyway they worked it out and are happy now 2. One if my best friends broke up with his ex gf (they aren't together anymore, this was like 2 years ago I think, don't know the exact reason why they broke up, he never wanted to tell anyone but I heard she cheated on him, but those could just be rumors, so nevermind). At that time it was almost 1 year of them being together They have been broken up for a month I think and made up. After that they were together for another 9 months and had a fight on Valentines day(2016) and broke up. They tried being friends, were seeing each other every single day until 20th april I think when she wanted to get back together but he said he had given up. She was begging him for a while and everything, coming to his workplace and crying but he was strong. He told me that then hisnheart was telling him to make up with her but his head said no. The thing is that she found a new guy 10 days after they had a fight and that really hurt my friend I guess and he didn't want to be with her. So yeah, now both of them are in different relationships, he is happy I don't know about her really, we kind of stopped talking after all the fuss. 3. Almost the same period me and my ex broke up, the other best friend had a fight with his gf. They both thought it was a breakup and a few days after that she told him she wanted to talk to him. Later she told me she just wanted to tell him she will be moving on and that she wanta nothing to do with him (they had many issues for months prior to this mini breakup because of his behaviour) but that night he apologized for everything and askes for another chance. She was still really hurt but decided to give it a try. It's been about a month and a half since then and their relationship is much better. 4. My brother has had 3 gfs so far. They would break up and then make up but after a really short period of time and it never seemed to work out. The last ex, which I really love and appreciate, got tired of this and decided to call it quits. Now he is in a really bad place, has been stressed out for days, but I believe they will get back together. He realized his mistakes and feels really bad, he wants to change himself, so hopefully after she's healed they'll get back together. So this is not really a recon story, but as tou can see he usaually had second chances (sometimes even more) with every girl he has dated so far. I really do hope things will turn out good this time. 5. I don't know much details, but my ex's brother dated a girl few years ago, but they broke up because of her parents (they are of different religions). Anyway, after some time, they got back together and have been engaged for about a year and a half now. 6. A couple from my HS, they were my classmates. I again don't know much details, but they were dating for some time, then broke up in 3rd grade. By the time we got back to school in 4th grade they were back together. They've been together since then, so that's 3+ years. I just saw their photos on insta today and thought of their relationship. They really seem happy. 7. Not a story I like very much but my ex had 2 gfs before me. With one he got back together many times and after all the begging and awful stufd she's done to him, he hates her now. She's a bit of a psycho, and I don't say that just because she's his ex, she really is a bit odd from all the stories he had told me. Now the other one, he cheated on her for some time and in the end he broke up with her. After 4 months he regretted it and asked her to get back together but she said no. So it's not a reconciliation story, but he did come back. And as you can expect now I'm hoping he'll do the same this time. Anyway, don't want to write about my breakup story here wish you all luck πŸ’ž Don't forget to love yourselves first. When the time is right they'll come back or you'll find someone even better, but you must realize that the only person who can and HAS to make you happy is YOU. P.S. I don't know if this is even a relevant story, but when I was 14 I liked this guy and he liked me(he was 16 I think and we were kids, we weren't really in a relationship). Anyway since he lived in a different town we agreed we'll be together in a few month when I come to his town over winter break. Just a few days before that I met a guy at school who I really liked and decided I didn't want the first one. So when I went there over winter break I told him we should just be friends and that it would not work because of the distance (wow, I was a I guess πŸ˜‚ I was a kid, I am still sorry for this). Anyway he took it very well and a few days after that I thought to myself was I thinking. So I talked to him and asked him to take me back but he said No ofc. So yeah, being the dumper in some way, even if I was a kid then, it was really confusing and f**ked up. I was crying for a month after that, scr*wed uo the situation even more by letting my besr friend talk to him and making a fool out of myself a few times. But that summer we met (at that time I was heart broken by this other guy from the story) and we talked like best friends. Now he has a gf, and they look really happy. I am very happy for him, I ofc don't have any romantic feelings left, it was just a crush, but he is a very dear person to me and I love catching up with him from time to time (like once every other yearπŸ˜‚ . So I realized this is super long post, yeah. Good luck!
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