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  1. Probably you are right! Thank you very much! :)
  2. Yeah! Also my GF is part of this common social circle that i described. She knows her for a year. I feel very uncomfortable because if she is attracted then somehow the dynamics should change. But if I she is not attracted, then it would seem really weird to stop answering out of the blue. That's why I want another opinion on her actions.
  3. I am not attracted to her. I feel uncomfortable that she may feel like that.
  4. I know her for the past 15 years. We are now on our 30s. We were really close. Even after all these years we can talk for hours. It seems that we always had a connection and we deeply care and respect each other but no sexual attraction. She did not express any feelings, so I assume that we are very good friends on both ends. Also, many times that we were wingman for each other. She set me up with some of her girl-friends and I set her up for some of my guy-friends. The last two years we took our space as she moved on abroad for a year and then I was too invested in setting up my company. In these two years we kept contact mostly through texts, but we had less time together. We started different hobbies, found different circle of friends, different priorities career-wise. Whenever we were in the same country and we had the time we saw each other for a catch up. On May, we started spending more time together as we become again parts of a common social circle. She proposed to start a hobby together which I liked a lot. I have a lot of hobbies and always ready to try new things. This was something that we used to do together i the past. I felt really nice with this proposal as it reminded me all the good moments that we had together and it was a really good opportunity to keep/refresh the connection I had with her. After a while, i saw an increase in the text convos between us. I do not know how to explain it, but it felt like she always initiated them and always made questions i order to keep the conversations going. I do not mean that I felt pressured/annoyed, but it seemed that she made more effort. The last 15 days, I get some pictures from her. They are not naked, but I am not sure if they are innocent. The pictures display an object and some part of her body (thighs, belly, etc) on the background. For example, instead of answering that she is reading a book she would send me a picture with a book lying on her legs but with her thighs being extremely visible. Is she attracted or I misreading this. This was not the way we communicated before. Mostly we used to exchange a lot of texts.
  5. The difficult thing is how to build trust again... If someone dumped you how are you sure he will not do it again? How do you know that you are not the safety net? In one way they show you that they dont respect you, especially in cases that you were dumped for someone else... I think that it is intresting to know the way their problems were solved and how they build trust again.
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