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  1. Thank you. I agree with you completely. I should have cut him off when he called me "crazy" for wanting to remain single. Him standing me up should have been the last straw. My apologies, but I don't recall writing that I ignored his invitation. I simply expressed how I felt about his invitation. I obviously wasn't going to delve into trivial details such as the way I declined. I actually declined it politely as I had to wrap up my move anyway. I told him I appreciated the offer, but wouldn't be able to make it as I was wrapping up my move. I think I will sever ties with him because
  2. Thank you. I realize it was a heavy thing to text to someone and I assume he thought I was being sarcastic. Truth be told, since I always make jokes and am quite a bubbly person, he probably didn't think for a split second I could have been serious. That's the issue. He didn't show any form of concern. He actually never responded to that sentence and just asked me whether I wanted to come over fully knowing we're in a strict lockdown with travel restrictions. I would have expected him to simply ask me if I'm OK or if I needed any help. He could have simply asked whether I was serious abou
  3. Thanks a lot! As I said above, I'm not in contact with any family member and my "friends" are not close enough for me to share this type of information. This "friend" and I tend to talk about our lives, so I felt OK sharing this with him. Maybe I was wrong. I think I would have expected me to at least try to check whether the death thoughts were serious. He was kind to ask me to come to his place, but we're in a strict lockdown at the moment and there is a 5km restriction, which means I wouldn't have been able to travel anyway. This is why I expected a different response via text.
  4. I'm not in touch with my family and don't feel comfortable sharing this with most people.
  5. No. My issue is that he didn't say anything or offered any kind words. He just straight asked me if I wanted to come to his place for dinner. In my opinion, any decent person would try to have a conversation to ask what's wrong etc.. I found his response to be a bit dismissive and as if he was taking advantage of a moment of weakness to get me to his place, but maybe I'm wrong.
  6. Hi all, I'm going to make this short as I could go on and on. I have a "friend" who clearly has something for me. When we met, we were colleagues and bonded over that. He was in a relationship at the time and I've been single since I met him, but I have zero interest in him. We've known each other for two years, but worked in the same company for three years before that. Back in July, he asked me a question about me being single and I said I was too busy to look for a relationship (plus COVID restrictions, hello). He called me "crazy" and basically stood me up when we were supposed t
  7. I think I can easily compare, simply because I did interact with other new joiners in this regard and they confirmed they received support throughout their first projects. It's a small team, so there isn't "a lot" of variable situations, unfortunately. It is very easy to see who is being supported. The assistance isn't to be provided by superiors, but by other team members at the same level or whoever was in charge of the portfolio before it was handed over to the new joiner. The team expanded a bit, so they shifted some segments of the portfolio to new joiners who are meant to be assist
  8. I'm generally a very autonomous person, but every autonomous person needs to get some kind of training. I barely got any training as I was told I'd learn on the job when my two projects would kick-off. All the other new joiners were assisted and provided hand in hand guidance during their projects. It was written black on white in an email from the VP (global team lead) that any new joiner would be assisted by the previous portfolio owner during their projects. It's not something that suddenly came up with. My issue is not about being autonomous as my manager had noted how autonomo
  9. Hi all, Hope all is well. I'm going through a bit of a difficult time at the moment between the lockdown, the isolation on my own and the stress of work and need to vent/get some perspective. I joined my current job in June of last year. Prior to this job, I was working for a very dynamic global firm where networking and socializing (virtually in the COVDI era) were a big thing. The role was of little interest to me though, so I left and joined my current employer. From the moment I joined, I sensed a disconnect with the team, but put in down on the remote onboarding. Then,
  10. Indeed. I'm giving him some time. I'll send another chaser in a week if I don't hear back. This makes me think I can already say goodbye to my deposit. If he can't return €200, what makes me think he's going to return a €1,400 deposit? I can appreciate that losing a tenant is difficult, especially during these times, but perhaps he should have thought of it twice before telling me he can't fix any of my issues. Or better yet, he could just face the fact that business is business. No point in taking it personal. Strangely, he always acted like the "cool" LL, but when it c
  11. The situation with the old apartment is getting from bad to worse. I think the LL is truly ratty. I sent him my termination on the same day that my standing order for rent was due to be executed. As it was a standing order with a fixed amount, I forgot to amend it to adjust it to the number of days I'd be staying in March. Therefore, the full month of March was paid inadvertently. I then sent him an email asking him to refund the surplus, he's not responding at all. He went completely silent, when he was pretty responsive before (responsive but does nothing). That money is mine and
  12. Update: I can't do it with the old apartment. I pull some clothes today, clothes I haven't worn since I moved in in January and which were perfectly intact prior to moving in. I found wholes in them! I'm pretty sure they were in perfect condition when I put them in the closet. This plus a sudden power outage which only affected my apartment last night (nothing to do with my appliances). On the other hand, I sent my termination for the new apartment today and the agent asked to speak to me. When I opened the call, I politely said: "Hi, how are you" - she was very abrupt and sai
  13. I normally do, but I have to say with the new place, I didn't inspect properly. I saw the clean floors & paint and thought it was OK, especially as the agent said they were awaiting on new furniture. I thought they were going to change everything, no just the couch. They really did the bare minimum. There was still dirt in the toilet when I moved in. As far as my "old" place goes, I did inspect and saw a few things I didn't like, but I went with it knowing I was going to move out after a while. I just needed to escape the bad roommate situation. I was a bit naive when I took this old
  14. Thanks all. I think the issue comes down to the agency itself with the new apartment. The apartment is located in a massive complex, with security access and a security guard. I lived in another large complex for four years and they had the possibility to let you in if need be. I was provided with an emergency number who said they couldn't help. Then the following day I rang the phone number I was provided for maintenance issues and nobody was picking up. I was redirected to a pre-recorded message saying that all staff works from home and I needed to send an email. The new pla
  15. Hi all, I'm at a crossroads. In December, I left my modern shared apartment to move into a tiny one-bedroom in a house converted into 4 apartment units. The place seemed decent enough and so did the landlord. Shortly after I moved in, I noticed issues with the place: musty smell all throughout, nauseating pipes smell when turning on the hot water/washing machine, no ventilation in the entire tiny apartment leading to strong humidity & condensation, no heating or ventilation in the freezing bathroom leading to visible mold on the walls, no lightening in the hallway when you up/down th
  16. Thank you, all! This week has been quite busy, but a few things happened that made me realize this shared accommodation phase is truly over. This shared apartment as great as it is does not feel like a "home", but just an apartment. I've started putting things together in my new apartment and it definitely feels like a "home" which represents my personality quite well. We received a call from the agent managing the shared apartment and there will be a change in both agents and lease. The lease will be such as one of us will become the master tenant whilst the two other two are not o
  17. I don't have a bed in the new place either, so I can't stay there. I have to wait until it gets delivered anyway.
  18. Haha, I agree. It's quite funny. The whole thing is falling apart.
  19. Well, the reason why I'm doing the back and forth is because my notice period is currently running. My notice period is 56 days, so I am bound until mid-January. The length of the notice period is a regulatory stipulation depending on the duration of your rental. Not my own choice unfortunately. You can't just give 28 days and leave, otherwise you're facing penalties. This means that my rent for December is paid already. I'm not going to let this amount of rent go down the drain without me being there. I would do my roommates a huge favor, which I'm not willing to. I'll return the
  20. Thank you, everyone!! I really appreciate all these encouraging words! I'm struggling a bit at the moment as I am navigating between the two apartments (my notice period will end mid-January), so it is a bit hard for me to detach emotionally from this place I spent four years of my life in. I get emotional every single time I think about having to return the keys for good, but I know it is not for me anymore. I was at my own place yesterday to organize some things and time flew! I was only meant to be there for an hour or two and I ended up being there all night because I didn't want to c
  21. Well, as I was typing the above and bawling over the past ... the roommate's boyfriend rang at the door (unannounced, as usual) and he's staying here for the night. It calmed me down right away. Some things will never change unless I make the change myself. The shared apartment's agent will also change come the new year and while the current one has been fantastic, it could be the new one will be horrendous. I have a 56 days notice period and I've already paid my December rent in both places. The January rent will depend on how quickly my potential replacement can move in. I'm not
  22. Yes, you're right. I think I'm starting to get sentimental instead of being logical. The above mentioned (health risks/common areas issues) definitely don't change. The two leases are currently overlapping, so I'm doing the back and forth between the two places. Whenever I'm in the shared apartment, I get crippling anxiety. I don't enjoy myself even if I'm sitting on the couch or in my room. Yesterday, I spent the whole day and evening in the other apartment and for the first time in weeks, I was able to finally sleep properly at night (I slept in the shared apartment). My insomnia had go
  23. Thank you everyone! I got the keys yesterday and started moving in. I have to say, I'm feeling completely disoriented and scared. Disoriented because it is a different neighborhood, so different from the neighborhood I've been living in four years. It's a bit more "suburban" and family oriented than my previous one, which is was a financial center. I feel a bit strange and starting to wonder if I made the right decision. Don't get me wrong, the neighborhood is lovely and much more lively than the financial center with tons of shops, people, restaurants etc.. (even during this pandem
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