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Thread: what do I do?

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    what do I do?

    I met this guy on the internet. Not just any guy, he''s my guyfreiends cousin. He seemed so sweet and polite...and he asked me out. Its been a few months and I keep thinking about him. I dont want a boyfriend, but he seemd so perfect. What can I do to stop thinking about this guy?

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    You could cross your fingers and hope that he's an , then go on the date, and if he is, this will make you stop thinking about him a whole lot faster.

    Simply tell him that you don't really want a boyfriend right now.
    I know it might be hard because to tell him, you'll have to meet him. And when you do, he could turn out to be so understanding, heartbroken or whatever, that you'll just start thinking about him even more..

    Time. I know this alternative suck. But eventually, you'll stop thinking of the guy.

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