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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Rising Above the Darkness: Uncovering the Light of Resilience

    Do you feel like you are completely in the dark and desperately seeking the light? It is entirely understandable to feel that life has you trapped in the dark with no way out. You may feel exhausted and completely helpless, wondering how you will ever find your way back to the hope-filled days where everything was right. But fear not, for it is not hopeless— you can free yourself from this darkness and honor the light within.

    When we are struggling, it is natural to become enveloped by a pervasive sense of gloom. Just trying to make it through each day can seem like a Herculean feat, and making major strides towards achieving our goals can feel too much like a distant dream. We can be held back by feelings of worthlessness and trapped in a downward spiral of negative self-talk.

    But the truth is that we are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Whenever we find ourselves in the throes of struggle, it is important to remember that we have the inner strength and resilience to overcome our challenges and discover the great joys in life that are meant for us.

    The dark days will inevitably come, and they may often stay longer than we want them to. So instead of resigning ourselves to sorrow and defeat, let’s put on our armor and fight for ourselves.

    We can do this by taking one small step at a time. Little acts of self-care such as maintaining hygiene, taking medication or supplements prescribed by your doctor, getting out of the house or seeing friends, or finding calming activities to do in the evening— these acts will create a path that will lead us in the direction of the light we are all seeking.

    It is also valuable to reach out for support from people who understand and who can provide guidance and compassion. Talking about our struggles with someone close, whether it’s a friend, family member, therapist, or spiritual advisor, is an invaluable tool because it helps to keep us connected to our hope.

    Although the darkness may never fully dissipate, it will slowly start to take up less space. As we build up our strength and resilience, the light starts to peek through the darkness, allowing us to see our blessings, talents, and opportunities that have been there all along.

    Life can be tough, but don’t forget that you have the power to make choices that will guide you towards your growth and light. By taking action, surrounding ourselves with meaningful relationships, connecting with others and embracing our inner strength, we can unlock the light that can free us of our darkness and leave us feeling empowered.

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