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    Paula Thompson

    Overcoming Unacknowledged Gifts: What To Do When Expressions of Love Go Unrecognized

    What to do if I’m Sick of Sending Gifts That Aren’t Acknowledged

    Have you ever sent a heartfelt gift to a loved one only to be met with silence? It can be discouraging and hurtful to feel like you’re being taken for granted, but remember you deserve more. Before you give up sending gifts altogether, it's important to try to address the issue directly.

    The best thing to do is to talk to the person you’re sending gifts to. You don’t need to be snippy about it, just explain how much it means to you when your expressions of love are acknowledged. Watch out for any subtle signs of defensiveness; this might be a sign that the person is avoiding the conversation because they fear your reaction or they feel ashamed. If they understand where you’re coming from and make an effort to acknowledge your gifts in future, great! If not, you can express your disappointment and suggest ways to go about it differently.

    It may be helpful to let the person know that you don’t necessarily expect a physical response, such as an exchange of gifts. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I appreciate this’ might be enough to make you feel appreciated. Letting them in on the expectations you have of them is key; it will give them an opportunity to meet or exceed these expectations.

    It’s also worth considering whether you’d be better off sending gifts to someone else. Sending gifts to show love and appreciation for someone else can make all the difference. After all, it’s far better to give without expectation of reward than to give and feel unacknowledged.

    When you’re sending gifts, think about the person you’re sending to. Try sending items that are unique to them- it will be more personal and will make them feel special. Being thoughtful about your gestures can really go a long way.

    Finally, don’t forget to express yourself too. Material items are nice, but sometimes nothing beats a hug or a handwritten card. Make sure your recipient feels the warmth of your emotion behind the gift.

    Sending gifts should be a special experience. Don’t be afraid to take a step back if they’re not being appreciated - it might just be a sign that you need to start expressing your love in different ways.

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