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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Nudging Your Creativity Toward Consistency

    The creative process is often unpredictable, with ideas flitting in and out of our heads like the breeze. We might have brilliant plans, only to lose them in the moment. Bearing this in mind, how do we cultivate consistency in our creative endeavors? How can we ensure that our good ideas stick around long enough for us to do something with them?

    It starts with acceptance. When ideas come and go, it’s natural-- and it shouldn’t be viewed as a failure. Rather than trying to forcibly capture these transient moments of inspiration, take time to be still and appreciate the process. Not chasing after each idea can keep the flow of creativity moving.

    Take some time to prepare yourself. In order to give your ideas the best chance of staying put, you have to have a mind free of distractions. Meditation can be incredibly effective; research has shown that regular practice can increase concentration and focus. Additionally, unplugging from social media ,ting mobile phones, and other technology can help calm the mind and make it easier to catch and sustain those sparks of creativity.

    Continually challenge yourself. Challenging ourselves can help us exercise our creative muscles, making them stronger and more able to retain ideas. Variety is key here-- the best creative pieces often come from unexpected sources or unfamiliar paths. This doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel; ideas can come from anywhere.

    Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself. Whenever a creative idea does stay and become realized, recognize and reward yourself for it-- even in small ways. A favorite snack or a little indulgent activity can go a long way in helping to reinforce positive behaviors and create consistency.

    By following these steps, artists and creators alike can help nudge their creativity toward greater consistency and pave the way for more brilliant ideas in the future. Focusing on process rather than results can yield surprisingly positive results, allowing us to relish in the beauty of creativity and its ever-shifting nature.

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