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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    How to Have Flourishing Life During Difficult Circumstances

    Life does not always run smoothly and inevitably everyone deals with difficult circumstances at some point in life. The challenge is how to cope and keep strong in times of adversity. Here are a few tips and strategies that can help manage difficult situations and keep life on a positive trajectory.

    One major mistake we often make is constantly focusing on the situation and its negative impact, thus creating a spiral effect that makes it hard for us to take actions needed for our survival and eventually, thrive again. To prevent this from happening, it is important to recognize that being present in the moment is a greater force than spiralling into anxiety. Get away from the state of paralysis of analysis by only keeping important tasks in focus and leaving everything else aside.

    Find someone in your circle of friends or family, who you can turn to in order to share feelings and feelings without judgement. Make sure not to burden others but instead, look for understanding and support. If necessary, seek out professional help if the particular circumstance is problematic enough to warrant further assistance.

    Develop a practice of gratitude every day. It is important to stay connected to the good things that make up our lives, no matter how small. In difficult situations, realizing that not all is lost is paramount. This realization helps to reframe the perspective from helplessness to one of strength and determination.

    In times of difficulty, try mindfully doing something you might enjoy. Whether it is going for a walk outside, pursuing a hobby that you love, exercising or reading, engaging in something that takes you away from the situation helps form a break and distance.

    If you are dealing with a situation that has been challenging for some time, start actively looking for solutions. Invest time and energy into determining what needs to be done and making progress towards solving it. Set realistic expectations but do not undersell your abilities. Also, don’t forget to care of yourself by ensuring that you are well-rested, hydrated, and well-nourished.

    Furthermore, aiming to add small wins to your day keeps the momentum going and helps build a sense of accomplishment. Remember, difficult times do not last forever and as long as you work on maintaining your focus and energy, good results will eventually come.

    Finally, don’t forget to set and respect boundaries. Once you’ve established a plan and a routine, stick to it and make sure to protect it from external influences that might distract you from reaching your goal.

    No matter the struggle, great times are sure to come and hope for a better future should always remain. The trick is to stay focused, motivated and positive throughout—even during rough patches. These steps should help guide one through hard times on the path to flourishing life.

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