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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Grandparents without Grandchildren – Heartache, Gratitude, and Letting Go

    I never imagined that one day I wouldn't be a grandparent. It just wasn't something that I had considered. Now I find myself contemplating this thought almost daily. Even though my dreams of reading bedtime stories and baking cookies with grandkids have faded, there are hidden gifts contained in this heartache. They may seem impossible to find and it may take time, but they can be discovered nonetheless.

    I am reminded of an experience I had when I was young. I had been planning a surprise birthday party for my mom and ordered magnificent bright yellow roses to adorn the table. As the guests began to arrive, I noticed that the petals of the roses were slowly wilting and curling, starting from the tips and slowly moving inward until the entire blossom drooped motionless in defeat. In that single snapshot of time, both joy and grief were intertwined as I realized that my plans could never match such breathtaking beauty. The same is true for the beauty that comes from being a grandparent.

    It is hard to embrace the losses that come from not being a grandparent. The joys that were anticipated and never realized, the love and laughter that will not be shared, the memories that will never be made. But just as the depths of sorrow can never be fully known until we accept what is, so can the heights of growth and understanding.

    The gifts that accompany grief cannot be overlooked or forgotten. Grief brings tremendous insight and perspective, enabling us to empathize with others’ pain. I have come to see the beauty in being honest and vulnerable, allowing gentleness to wash away what was held too tightly and healing to find its way into the wound. Gratitude surfaces in unexpected places and leads us towards truth. In the moments of letting go, opportunities arise that lead us towards growth and understanding that we would have never dreamed of before.

    As I contemplate the future and my place in it, I understand that I must let go of the vision of being a grandparent that was once so clearly etched in my mind. I cannot deny the grief that I feel, but I am also aware of the great potential contained within it. I am certain that I may never reach that level of joy that comes from being a grandparent, but I have also gained something that I would not have otherwise. I have come to know myself more deeply and have found compassion that was not there before.

    So, although I may never be a grandparent, I will carry the lessons I have learned and the gifts I have received with me everywhere I go.

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