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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Never Give Up: How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams To Go On A Date With You

    Date night. Movie stars gaze dreamily into the eyes of their loved one. Cozy restaurants swoon with candle-lit conversations. Far away is the grumble of thunder and the beginnings of a love story, where boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. Don’t let that last part scare you away! Dating is a nerve-wracking process but it doesn’t have to be.

    Romance itself is frightening - it’s hard to face someone you don’t know yet, and it gets even more difficult when the spark and chemistry have to be kept on full blast once the date officially starts. Even the most confident of people can turn into a trembling mess when faced with this kind of situation, and it’s totally normal and understandable.

    The first step is gathering up all the courage you need. If a girl of your dreams comes along, don’t be too afraid to ask her out - she won’t bite! Instead, even if the relationship is just beginning, think of her as a close friend and start from there. Talk to her in an informal way, make all the jokes, tease and banter you want, then take it up a notch and suggest going out for a coffee or maybe seeing a movie. All these activities are low-pressure and simple, but still date-like.

    Ease into conversation if both of you seem a bit awkward. Feel free to talk about anything that you both find interesting, although bear in mind that your date should also know what kind of person you are and what your values are. This is important so that both of you can form a strong connection and hopefully go out on a second date.

    When done properly, dates are amazing. Don’t be ashamed to show her your romantic side. Make her feel special and important, pay attention to detail and make sure that she has fun and feels relaxed around you. Selflessness will take you very far, especially if you make sure that she is having a good time - don’t think of yourself as of a knight in shining armor, just be a gentle companion.

    Paying attention to small details such as expressing your feelings and opinion without being aggressive, remembering your date’s preferences, calculating how much time you spend together and what parts of the night were entertaining for her, will help to make sure that she'll remember the evening in a positive way. Everybody wants to experience something joyful and unique, so be creative and find creative ways to fulfill your desires.

    Finally, while reaching out and initiating the date is important, setting appropriate boundaries is just as important. Make sure that she appreciates that you’re still there, that you’re a great listener, and that you understand what she likes and what kind of company she values. Don’t overpower her, or act aggressively if things don’t progress the way you expected. You can always take it to the next level in future dates if the feeling is mutual.

    So don’t be afraid of the big scary world of relationships and ground yourself in taking things slow and never give up! If a girl seems interesting and you want to go out with her, pursue it in a creative, gentle way and make sure that you feel good about yourself and the decisions you make.

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