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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    The Potential Regrets of Walking Away from Your Job

    With the rate of burnout higher than ever, it can be tempting to call it quits when you are feeling overwhelmed. But, before making a decision that could have long-term consequences, it is worth considering whether you will regret leaving your job. From the financial losses, to professional setbacks and the inconvenience of making a leap now, there are lots of reasons you may regret quitting your job too soon.

    The financial implications of leaving a job are often difficult to disregard. Without carefully budgeting and a financial cushion, walking away can cause not only a dropping in income but also many unforeseen expenses. Loss of potential bonuses, signing up for the new company's benefits or financing the interim period when you are out of work all add up to a costly experience. Moreover, without properly weighing in the cost of long-term debt incurred from relying too heavily on credit products such as a loan, you could potentially set yourself up for a lengthy payback period.

    Professionally, a terminated position also has other drawbacks. When an employer needs to replace you after a short period, it can be difficult to pitch future plans or endeavors to recruiters. There is a risk that shifting jobs too quickly can result in serious challenges getting your foot in the door of desirable positions.

    Furthermore, the process of finding a new job is often arduous and time consuming. Long hours spent writing resumes, searching job boards and attending interviews can further add to any burnout you are already feeling. As a result, the downside of quitting your job without considering all the major implications, can quickly add up.

    Amidst all of these worries, it can be hard to focus on the positive aspects of returning to the workforce. A potential salary increase, networking opportunities, access to skills’ resources or the joy of rekindling old relationships with colleagues are all points to consider when thinking about making a change.

    Search for another job can be thrilling yet overwhelming - and the financial and professional consequences worth considering. A potential loss of income, the toll of seeking a job, the incurring of unforeseen costs such as benefits or loans and the possible roadblocks when looking for a dream job are all outcomes regretfully associated with walking away. Therefore, reflected carefully on what could lie ahead, a more timely decision can be made.

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