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Why do I want her back?


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Someone please help me. I am trying to figure out why I am feeling like begging her to come back to me. We went out for 14 months, she is 23 and I am 31 and in those 14 months we broke up probably 7 times! We had alot of problems yet everytime we both missed eachother and it never lasted more than a week and we always came back to eachother. This time is different now she wants nothing to do with me and it has been two weeks and I know that I wasnt happy in the relationship and neither was she but I feel like I Love her and cant live without her. We have hhad no communication and when you go from talking to and seeing someone everyday and all of a sudden its gone its hard to take. I find myself calling her constantly and it is making her pissed at me! Why doesnt she want to talk to me if I am so sorry for everything and why doesnt she care that I am hurting so much. Does this mean that she doesnt care about me or am I just so used to her that I dont know any better oooor is it just the idea of someone being there because right now I am feeling so alone and unhappy without her. What do I do leave her alone and hope that she will come back to me, I know we loved eachother or maybe we were trying to love eachother. I am so confused and everyone tells me I am doing the right thing by letting her go but why am I feeling so much regret. I miss her so much and by her ignoring me it is making me worst. what am I suppose to do here? I am physicaly sick over this...any advice would help thanks

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Hey man


I know what you are going through and yeah it does suck. I am currently going through the same thing with my girlfriend. We had the same problems as you and your gf. We wanted some time apart before but could never do it we just could not come to grip with being apart from each other. We have currently been apart for a month. She wanted a break and she is serious about it. You did not say if you guys were taking a break or broke up but it sounds similar to my situation. The best thing that you could do is leave her alone. I know its hard and it hurts but it best that you do. She probably needs time to think about things. What I dont know. Could be that she needs time to think if you are really the one for her or is scared that your relationship is getting too serious. Just try to keep busy. I had the same problems as you. I would find myself calling her or going by her house. It just didnt make anything better. If you leave her alone for awhile, things will get better. I'm sure she still cares alot about you and still loves you and if you love her you should give her the space she needs. Trust me, it would be alot easier for you if you keep busy. Go hang with friends and do stuff you never did when you were together.


Good Luck

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