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"being friends with girls'


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hey jonny_has

you shouldnt think of girls being such an alienated sex, it seems to me that you worry too much about the situation on hand. you asked on how to become friends with a girl well maybe for starters dont just go for them because their cute. theres girls out there with great personalities that you have yuet to see in true colours.

if there new people theres a new start meaning that theyre not going to know your shy pluck up the courage tp start the ocnversation and it will go on from their, trust me were not gonna give you that hard of a time.


if its someone that you do know pick a subject that you know their interested in. be yourself, not the shy you but the person inside. remember dont worry about the task at hand like i said just the utcome.


hope this helped

(and no offence)


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Wasup Jonny !!!


I dont understand what you want to do ? You want to make friends or a date.


If it friends , why you need to be shy , are you shy around guys.....? NO !!Same with girls. There is a problem when it comes to dateing stuff, becasue you try to be nicer and cooler and here you get why and all that stuff.


I can tell you that I started to became a friend of a really cute girl [avatar pic] and you know how i blew it off, i asked her for a date. Since then she is not talking with me and its really over. WE dont know about each other more than 3 months.....So dont make that misstake too....


If you would like to date a girl that is your friend, you need to be sure 101 % that she would say yes.....


See ya.

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If a frend is what you are looking for dont be shy, dont care about looks, just care about who they really are.


And a date that is a differnt story the best thing that you can do is try to become frends and see what happens from there, or you can just ask them to go out on a date with you the worst thing someone will say is "no".


Well good luck on whatever you are trying to do.

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