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Follow-Up Calls

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I have been told that placing a follow-up call after you have sent your resume to a potential employer is a smart thing to do. However, I find it difficult when I am working a day job. Do you think it's inappropriate to call and leave a voicemail message for the person after hours? Would there be a time that would be considered inappropriate to leave a message? 6pm? 8pm? 10pm? Midnight? Never? If all I can do is leave a voicemail message, would it be best to not follow-up at all? I am curious as to your insight on the matter.



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Personally, I would send a email the following day. Just to say thanks and let them know you're interested and looking forward to hear from them.


If i don't hear anything from them by a week, I give the recruiter/hr a call.


The recruiter/hr will follow up with the hiring mgr and get back to you asap.

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Thank you both for your replies; they are helpful! I tend not to follow my resume up with an email, simply because I tend to actually email the resume. (I have heard that this is the preference of most companies now.) Plus, I think a follow-up phone calls makes me a person rather than just a resume.


I will continue trying to make these calls during my lunch break. I have just found it difficult to find a place away from the phone that is quiet. But, we do what we have do, right? But it sounds like a voicemail message might be a second best alternative. Thanks!

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