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Three years ago I met one of my friends from high school and we got talking. We didn't spend much time together but we knew we liked each other very much. We were both going off to college, me to the US and him to the UK so we couldnt and didnt do much about it. A few months later we knew it was a mistake. We were miles apart and we missed each other and we couldn't afford to see each other so we resorted to e-mail and phone calls. Unfortunately we both feel like this isn't enough. We are well into college and so neither of us can transfer. We both have a year of school to go. Friends think it won't work out because they know that I have changed and he has changed and when we meet again both of us will be different and it will bring problems. We have both agreed that we won't know if we really love each other until we see each other. Is this solid advice ?

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