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Girls kinda suck for me this year (so far anyway hah). All there into is the older guys who are immature, big ego'd douchebags. They don't give the guys in my grade a chance this year (im in my softmore year at a new HS). Especially shy guys, they don't give them a chance at all (me). I'm a pretty good guy...I'm understanding, caring, I listen to what your saying and actually care, have a sense of humor, good hygiene, etc. I really don't get what my problem is.


Will junior year, be better, for having a chance to ask someone out...hopefully? Someone that's been through it fill me in here.


I just don't understand why girls would go for some guy with a douchebag personality with high status over some guy with ok status and a great personality. That doesn't make any sense to me and seems really fake. Whatever, advice appreciated.

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Just like guys - us ladies aren't all the same!!


You are just picking up vibes at the moment, and maybe the girls that are more attracted to the high status that you fancy....or that are in your face, but for every one girl who wants that, i bet there are 2 who want a 'nice, normal guy'


Don't give up. And try not to tie us with the same brush...



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Hah, that is sorta true. I'm a sophomore, and the only guys I've gone out on dates with have all been seniors/juniors. So I can see where you're coming from.


And my ex who's a senior was dumped for some college guy (he was dating a senior girl) So keep in mind that even when you're a junior/senior you STILL might not be able to keep a girl.


A lot of girls prefer older guys. It could be the maturity or the car. Who knows.


I personally just don't want to date a guy that can't drive yet. No offense. I was never one of those girls that 'went out' with guys in middle school because it seems awkward to just have your parents drive you or meet there.


So do you have your license or are getting it soon?


And if you're a mature guy then I don't know why you can't get a girl. Maybe you just need to keep a positive attitude.


It's still the beginning of the year. Anything could happen.

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