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me and my boyfriend live with each we have been going out for a year now and I keep feeling the worst about him not sure why... That he is doing things to hurt me when he isnt... anyway last night i was the sofa and I knew he looked down so i asked are you ok and he said hes fine and It really annoys me when I know he is down and he says he fine so i kinda felt awfull after that and he kinda noticed and suddenly he was trying to cheer me up etc.. I just told him i was tired etc... and I wasnt being all over him like I'm usually just see what happeneds and it worked he was all over because he knew I was not me self... But i feel really guilty now.... Should I? and what shud i do about the situation I dont understand why he being like this..

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"That he is doing things to hurt me when he isnt..."


ok first u need to figure why u feel like this [be honest] and second, he would sense you are like this so maybe that is why he is down.


my advice.....get out of your routine and do something where u both can figure what the heck is going on


best wishes


I agree, you need to communicate more, if he says he is "fine" yet you know he isn't, keep asking him until he tells you what is up.

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Well he came home for lunch and we nearly had an arugment.. he said i was snapping at him and i didnt think i was ... etc.... anyway it was to do with me not finding my bus pass but i think i did the worse thing by apologising but he said dont worry and i dont want him to think am worrying cos i think he will think i'm one of those people will say sorry all the time... and i'm always the one who does loving things... like write him notes give him gifts etc


Do you think I shud back off and let him do some work

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