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Anyone a geologist

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Hello friends,


Is anyone a geologist here ? or does anyone know one, or know of a good place to get information. I'd like to become a professional geologist but I don't really know much about the industry, or how hard it is to get into. I realise its a long shot asking, but what the hell, figuring I'll do a Bachelor of science with a geoscience/geophysics major.


Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure where you are located but you might check out your state or province's Department of Natural Resources. I was able to get a boatload of information on geology from them when I needed to teach some skills to our cub scout pack. They sent out rock samples, educational pamphlets, and offered to have a geologist speak to the group.


Maybe they would allow you to set up an informational interview with one of their geologists to learn more about the industry.


Another good place to check out would be the Oil and Gas industry or the Mining industry. They employ armies of geologists to do exploration.

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