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Doing a project, need ideas

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you could do what my brother in law did.


he made a scrap book with pictures of them together, and on each page he wrote something about something he loves about her


"you always make me laugh"


"you take care of me when I am sick"


stuff like that, and then on the last page, it said


"you are perfect for me, will you marry me?"


and had the ring tied in on a ribbon.


she had no idea that he was going to ask, she just thought it was a gift until she got to that page.

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Any position that keeps your jewels safe! LOL!


If it is heartfelt any proposal will be romantic. Here is how I did it and you have my blessings to use it!


I bought her ring and had one of her friends show up at a restaurant where we were dining one evening, wearing the ring. Her friend came over to our table acting all giddy and excited to see us. She then flashes the ring to my GF and says "Scott and I are getting married." My GF's jaw hit the table when she saw the ring and I played along. After 3-4 minutes of the ranting and raving I asked my accomplice if I could see the ring, I removed it from her finger and proceeded to drop myself to one knee and proposed. Of course she thought I was kidding until she looked up and saw her parents standing behind me(I had never met her father so I had to ask his permission, what better way?) who I flew in from Florida. She said yes, the champagne was poured and the rest is history.



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I like those. I had a few ideas, but they are pretty out there in the romantic left field. One idea, have a white limo pick her up. Out on the freeway, have 2hummers give her a military escort (I don't know if this is possible). Be waiting at a 5 star restaurant in my class A's and then have them deliver the last dish on one of those silver platters. Would have the ring in there.

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Our friends did this -- He used to always bring her fruit from his family's tree. At Christmas he wrapped up the fruit like a gift. She was confused when she opened the box and started taking out the avocados. Then she found the ring box and when she looked at him for explanation he popped the question. She never saw it coming. Right out of left field.

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Get a bunch of your fellow soldiers together and make up some kind of cadence-type proposal. Have them sing (? chant?) the cadence in front of her, and make sure the last line of the cadence is "Susie (whatever) will you marry me?" During that line, drop to your knees and dazzle her with a big ol' rock.


I kinda suck at songwriting or I'd help.

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I'd be thrilled if anyone asked me to marry them. I've had declarations of love, now I'm out for the Big One! I guess if I had a preference I'd..I don't know. I'd do something romantic-dramatic like propose in a hot air balloon. etc.


Don't do what my father did, which was to say, as they were looking around a flat they were considering buying, *Well I guess we could get married?*


Then again, they have been together 27 years. I'm sure whatever you do, if the intentions are loving, will work well.

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