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Career change????


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Well I gave up my Human Resource Director position almost 2 months ago and took a job with a security firm doing marketing. Unfortunately the job was not what they told me it was. I am not the marketing type. Basically I was to do telemarketing to companies like Ford, GM and other large corporations.


Long story short after 5 weeks in this position was Fired for not be any good at telemarketing.


I have now been unemployed for a week and have been thinking about going into Real estate. A job that would allow me more flexibility in hours. I know basically how it works and have even checked into taking the required classes. As I wait to see if my unemployment claim will get approved I am looking into my options as far as a career change goes.


Anyone know anything about the bussiness? I would like to get all the information that I can before I make this decision.



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Yes I hav eheard that as well. They the real estate bubble has burst. That is my first concern.


I would like to get into some type of career that will allow me to have a flexible schedule. I have 2 children already and my BF and I are planning on having a baby within the next couple of years. That will require that I am off work for some time. I want to have a career that will not force me to leave my child in daycare all day everyday. My daughters were in daycare alot and I do want to have to do that again.


So my next question what else is there that allows the flexxibility to raise you child with minimal daycare and still make a decent living? I am open to any suggestions. I have about 6 months before I am forced to take a job versus a career. Any suggestions????

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I am looking into court reporting and medical dictation. Very flexible, good pay and (medical dictation at least) takes a certification, not a degree.


I have an HR background and think that most people who do well in HR roles do well in these as well as they are usually good typists and, well... nosy, and these jobs exploit that (in a positive way of course!)


Good luck!

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