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Okay. So theres this girl i like and i asked her out. She said im not saying no but lets give a few weeks. Today we went to a football game. Me and her were walking by ourselves. She was playing with her necklace and everything and then all the sudden she kissed me

OK i dont know what to do

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A peck is certainly better than nothing, which in turn is better than a pull-back. If a girl pulls back when you try to kiss her...man...that's bad news...


Yeah, just keep doing whatever it was you were doing. She kissed you for a reason and I wouldn't change anything. Maybe next time you'll get more than a peck...


If she pecks again, I'd go in for a kiss on the lips...nothing too slimy just yet...we'll work up to that...one step at a time...

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Well, in the "pecking order" of kisses, a peck on the lips is a step up from a peck on the cheek. A peck on the cheek could be confused with a friendly kiss. When we talk lips, things are looking a little better...


You hate waiting? Better get used to it bro. Welcome to the world of women and dating...just wait until you start leaving the seat up...

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