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amazing statistic

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"getting back together" section has the most number of posts on enotalone!!!


almost 67000 posts in this section


geez ... i looked under "relationships" and "sex" and "dating" and "personal growth" .. etc etc .. after a casual glance, i think the "sex and romance" subsection of "sex" is the next most active with 52000 posts


I just realized this because I wanted to find the most active section for my new post about "detecting a liar" ...


i'm still trying to figure out a good section to post that in ..

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I had been reading this book "My boy friend back" by Donna Hanover.


Some couples did rekindle back, but of the times this happens at the mid 30s, 40s and 50s. Most of them have been married and then divorced. Only few remain single.


Most reunited through friends weddings, and class reunion. Some happens to bumped into them in places. While others reached out for their exs when they are having crisis.


Some of them reunited and get married after a few years, while others are shocked on the changes of theirs ex. Their ex changed into a person they couldn't imagine.


I wouldn't want to rekindle back with my old boy friend when I am in the 40s or 50s. I feel that it would be too old for me.

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I have decided to email my universities sweetheart in 5 years time, which is 2011, if I am still single at that time. It sounds crazy, but I would give my old boy friend a try when I am 29. Provided he is still single and is capable of taking care of oneself. By then he would be 26. Only time will tell whether we have future or not.

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