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progress and problem


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My mom called today and wanted me to find out where a gambling anonymous meeting was, I found out and she said she is ready to get help.


She called back and asked me if I could go with her, and I told her I didn't think I was allowed since I don't have a gambling addiction and said "you know like can't go with me to NA meetings."


then she says "what's NA?"


when I explained it was narcotics anonymous she freaked out on me. She knows (at least I think she should) that I was heavily addicted to drugs for a long time, she is the one who checked me into rehab 4 times, I guess she has "blocked it out" but she called her counselor who called me and was mad that I brought it up, I didn't know it was off limits.


She says she isn't going to speak to me now (my mom) because she didn't know her daughter was a "druggie", I have been clean for a long time now, I don't think I am still a "druggie" and it makes me mad that she isn't going to speak to me, I mean I talk to her and she is right in the middle of her addiction, surely since I go to meetings to keep clean that's a good thing right?


I know I can't control any of this and I am trying to remember that, but it just makes me mad.

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I am happy for you because you have committed to getting rid of your addiction. But you must know that people only choose to remember or see things that they want to see. So even though your mother took you to your meetings she chose to forget because she wanted to. And more likely then not she might be blaming herself for your addiction and that might be another reason why she doesn't want to associate herself w/ you because she's upset with herself.




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