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Ex Returns and Leaves...

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Yes and i think it can be a very bad move.Unless you are really totally over the ex,and just calling to see how they are doing.If it was a bad break up like most are.Then it can bring back alot of pain.But then again it could respark a relationship because of timing not being right the first time.Who knows.....

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I never fully processed the grief associated with the break-up, got into a few other relationships, those ended in disappointment, I felt alone, vulnerable, and felt like I screwed up every relationship I ever had. I called her to see if she was single, still had feelings for me, and if she was living in the same fantasy world I was living in and wanted to go back to the way things were with us and live happily ever after...


The End.

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The reason I asked this question is because my exboyfriend called me after 2 years to see "how am I doing!?" Its bull * * * *!!! We met for coffee and kept in touch for a month. However, the last day I told him I still have feelings for him and he said he dosen't feel the same. He wanted to keep in touch but I told him no contact because it is not easy for me.


I question why would he call!? Is it for revenge!? Is for an ego boost!?


It took me more then a year to get over him and to move on and I did. Now, it has been a month of no contact and it is weird, I am hurting all over again. Gosh, I feel like I am in this grieving process again. Ha.

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Wow...I am very surprised at this. My guess is either he really did "just want to see how you were doing" (unlikely), just got out of a relationship/had his heart broken and was looking for a little ego boost, perhaps in the way of knowing he didn't mess up the relationship he had with you (READ: he's a bad boyfriend) like he felt he did with this other woman, or he thought he would still have feelings for you but didn't...


At any rate, the reason isn't the big deal, the big deal is what to do now. I say write this one off and look to bigger and better things...

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