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motivation knowing what you want


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I have the day off so plenty of time to think.


How do you motivate yourself to do things that you want to do and stick with them? I know I should work out and eat right and I even enjoy working out but I seem to do it for a bit and stop and go back to taking the path of least resistance. I seem to do this with all sorts of things. Hobbies, etc.


How do you keep yourself interested in something such as a job without becoming so bored with it you can't stand it?

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I think one of the secrets is to start slow, make it reasonable and feasable (for example is you are beginning a new work out- start by doing it 3 times a week for 20 minutes... not for one hour every night- make it a pace you can stick with.)


Tell yourself each day that you will just be doing it for today, so it doesn't seem to daunting. After you get through the first few weeks, and you start to feel better and see the difference in your waistline and on the scale.... those are pretty powerful motivators themselves.

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