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I am feeling really really down tonight. I want to start this thread to vent but can't even put my thoughts together. It seems when things go down, they go down all together. Everywhere I turn, I see no escape. Grrrrrr...I want to sleep it off, my mind just won't shut. I feel like a burden to bother other people.


It seems like I am having my moment of panic, don't know what to do. What people do to get over the moment like this ??? I think I need help.....

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there was a certain story on this forum about this one guy who loved a girl but never asked her out and let her slip into someone else's hand (in marriage). he kept writing about how he loved her but knew she would never say yes to him in his journal, but on the girl's dying day, her journal was read at her funeral. it said something like what the guy was thinking (about loving her (him) but knew she (he) would never say yes).


u should read it sometime (i lost it)

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I've found good ways to get over something that your panicing over, is to calm yourself. Listen to nice music and think of something else. It is important to get your mind off of the subject you are having anxiety over and to think of something soothing/positive. As long as you can do that long enough, the worry might die down.

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I feel like a burden to bother other people.


i remember when i broke up w/ my ex, this is exactly what i said to my friend. i don't want to waste anybody's time, i don't want to bother anybody, i'm not good enough for people to spent 5 minutes out of their day w/ me... i was completely irrational.


if you're a good person and you surround yourself with good people, then by all means, talk to your friends. that's what friends are for (just like the song). my friend said that it was almost like an insult if you're feeling down and you don't share that with your friends because that shows you're not close enough to them to trust them with your deepest thoughts. so open yourself up a little and reach out, you might be surprised what you find.

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