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Just one reply I'm going crazy. Help.

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Trying to make this short.. I dated this man for 7 months. Lost my virginity to him and feel in love. In the beginning he called once a day we talked for hours on end. For the first few months he kept in contact he was my best friend. Then he started to yell and not let me hang out. He always told me he'd marry me and we have a future. He dumped me saying he can't trust me even through he says he loves me. The next month or two he barely let me see him and when I did all he wanted was some cooch. Now he refuses to have sex or even see me. This is killing my self esteem. One day he says he loves me then the next few weeks all he talks about is other women. This man is on my mind every other second. He is the only person that makes me happy thereforeeee I want to be with him. Whenever he calls I can't get the smile off my face then he says something cruel and I am mad and hurt all day. I can't stop thinking about him and everytime I go out I manage to buy him stuff. And I can't figure out if we really wants me gone. I think I am going crazy Any advice ??? He is also 10 years older than me. I have way less experience;this is my firs realtionship and I feel like I'm begging him. Have I become the annoying in love ex?? I am become depressed over this. How can you love some one and leave them like yesterdays trash

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how old are you? and how long did you guys date? It sounds like this guy either dosen't have enough balls to tell you it's really over between you two, or he's just keeping you around as a backup in case these other women don't work out. Either way, he's not treating you good at all.


Then he started to yell and not let me hang out

this statement right here says alot... he wouldn't LET you hang out? You should have more respect for yourself than that. He should be persuing you, and if he's yelling at you and giving you the impression that it is a priveladge to be in his presense then he's not worth your time or heartache.


Now he refuses to have sex or even see me

why would you want to have sex with or see anyone that is treating you this badly?


bottom line is this guy dosen't deserve you. You are letting him ruin you emotionally and if I were you I would stop all contact and surround myself with people that make me feel good about myself. You shouldn't be begging soemone to see you or have sex with you. Have a little more respect for yourself. There's an old saying, you shouldn't make anyone your entire world, because when they leave you're left with nothing. Don't put so much effort into this guy... if you're young like I think you are, the 10 years difference is a big deal, and by the sound of your thread it sounds like he's just playing games with you. Find someone who really cares for you.

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Sweetie, I know how hard it is to feel so lovesick, especially when you've shared something precious. Please don't let your self esteem depend on this man. You need to go talk to friends to remind you that you don't need someone else to make you feel special.


There are lots of men who will play with your body and then trash your emotions. Some of them know just what to say to "hook" you. Your heart hurts now, I know. But reading this post I can see this guy is just not that into you. Don't be a doormat. Have faith that you can move through this!

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Don't forget your friends chocolate and chick flicks. I have to leave the computer for awhile so I can't respond to other messages.


Just quit calling this guy altogether and focus on yourself. I know that sounds unthinkable right now, but he's just not getting it. You are too precious for that type of treatment.


Lots of people have gone down your path. You aren't alone. Have faith.

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You obviously have strong feelings for this guy as you lost your virginity to him and he was likely "the man of your dreams" at least before you did, but are you sure you're not just confusing love with passion here?


It pains me to say this, especially since this was your first time, but it looks like you've been used...


Agree with the rest: leave him and don't look back.




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hes a totally jerk. i think he just use you and doesnt care you at all.

do you think that all bad things he has done coz he just wanna get rid of you? i said this coz some guys really think like that. they pretend to be bastard coz they want girls to get bored of them and leave them alone.

i understand if its hard to get over it as hes your first time but believe me, try your best to get over him and move on. be strong!

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