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In search of the right job

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Hi all,


I have been writing in the personal section about my problems. I have made score cards for personal, professional and financial growth.

While I am working on improving my personal score card, I need to parallely work on my professional score card as well and this inturn will improve my financial score card.


I am a software professional. I did my masters in Comp apps after a commerce degree. People at home thought I could well in the IT field as i was showing lot of interest in comp.

I have been working for the last 5 years. My job is not any hitech job. Its kind of an IT support role for an Investment bank. Though I have made a good name in the job, I really hate doing this.

I am a OK programmer and would like to be a techno functional professional. I want to be technically strong as well as gain the business knowledge on Capital markets(Equity research).

How do I really develop my technical and business skills in tandom.


I am 28 yrs old.

Please feel free to know more about this.


Thanks in advance.

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depending on your workplace, if it's open and you are absolutely SERIOUS, talk to your boss. tell them where you want to go with your career. then take classes to show them that you are serious about the direction you want to go.


i'm not sure what "techno functional professional" is. i worked in the IT dept in a major bank, it was an enlightening experience. the culture was all about showing off and trying to become the alpha male. it could probably be compared very similarly to primitive tribes and how people stabbed each other to get to the top. that was my impression anyways.

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