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Here's a question about NC

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So. I'm already developing feelings for someone else, 3 months later. I feel I'm 99 percent moved on.


But I'm still curious.


If you were pathetic, and desperate, and clingy...psycho and all that for like 3-4 weeks and then once it got to the point where they were really mad, you initiated NC.


Do you think that after a while that person will begin to question whether you really were all that desperate for them in the first place? Do you think they'll begin to wonder if you're finding someone else, or maybe all that clingy and pathetic stuff wasn't necessarily the truth?


As in, maybe THEY begin to question YOUR feelings for them, not the other way around?


Been 2.5 months of NC for me. No contact from either side.


I'm just curious.

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hell, everyone wonders. i think about my ex bf from years ago quite often. i think he is a great person and i even wonder if he's seeing anyone, and if so whether it's serious, et cetera. i wonder if he thinks about me also. so yes, i THINK about him a lot, but i would never get back together with him.


if you were desperate and particularly "psycho" then i think your ex would be relieved to be rid of the drama, unless the ex is a drama king himself...those types feed off of someone going crazy over them.


however, if this is not the case that he thrives on drama...as it's been said before, by acting crazy when your ex dumps you, you continue to prove to him that he was right to dump you.

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