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whats wrong with me?

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I just called her...not even 20 minutes ago, she answered saying what? i was already balling...she immediately hung up...i called again..."what do you want dan?" i was crying so hard i couldnt even talk...she again hung up...i calmed down a bit called back and talked to her...i started crying and said i have noone to talk to and i need someone to be here for me...she said dont cry, to call back in 2 minutes shell get a different phone since her cell was dying...i call back 2 minutes later, shes on the phone...for 15 minutes shes on the phone...then she turns her cell off...i have no clue where she is...she said she was nowhere, to get out of telling me...i am feeling the worst ive felt in my life...i have noone here for me...noone to talk to...she has me up so bad...how could you possibly treat someone like that...especially someone you "love." whats wrong with me? what did i do that was so bad that i deserve treatment like this.

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lol... kind of reminds me and my first major breakup.

You need to relax...calm down and get your act togeter ... there are lot of posts here on this website on how to handle a breakup and read them a bit.

The most major thing that you need to realise is to "man" up and stop crying over this,whatever is the cause of the breakup and get over her, accept the idea of her beeing your ex and the sooner you will accept this , the sooner you'll be over it and in many occasions she will try to get back in touch.

so stop crying and just accept it... so relax and just let it be the past.

Tomorrow will be a better day


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We have been together for 2 years now...There are 3 people i talk to on the phone...2 particularly when im having trouble in my relationship and need someone...1 lives 3000 miles and is long asleep and the other isnt answering her phone...so i have no choice but to call her...


And this is infact my first major breakup, and i know how to handle it...just sometimes it gets too much to handle and i cant control myself, like tonight. she is only 17, and the guy she is with is 21...it sickens me more to know that she is ok having sex with him not even a week after we break up. I just need someone here for me right now...and i have noone...weve been apart for nearly 3 weeks...and i was doing fine...until one night she got a "weird feeling" something was wrong and found the need to call and text and started everything all over (that was night 4 of no contact).


She has done this before to me...the EXACT same thing about 7 months ago...you can read my first post...just this time its for real...and i hate it.


I have manned up and sucked it up before...im trying now, but it is particularly hard since she made me think she would take me back...then told me shes having sex w/ her new guy (who is her supervisor). Then says its better we dont and she cant take me back...im totally confused and lost.

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If you knew how to handle it you wouldn't be calling your ex so many times and crying in front of her that just makes you look weaker. I think your facing a problem here which is yourself and not the girl. Of course it's hard to get over a break-up but you have to realise that the past doesn't change the things happening right now and if she is sleeping with another man is pretty sure meaning she is moving on with her life. Understandably she turns off the phone if you keep calling and acting the way you did. It's hard to cope with all the feelings and the pressure of not talking to her, but if you look around here on the site, then you can get a pretty good expression of how to handle yourself and move on. You say you know how to handle it, i'm far from convinced. Don't live in the past, live in the now and think about what has happened and how to move on.

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