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HI everyone. Any one have their own Personal Trainer. I have read from books and article on how to become successful at anything. One of the strategy of it is to learn from the best. I want to successfully get a sick pack and still keep musculars physique. One of the best way to achieve my goal is to know how the guys with the personal trainer get a muscular and a lean physique efficiently, that means in a short a mount of time; 4 to 5 months.

If any one that had or has a good result with a personal trainer, please tell me how did personal trainer helped you to get a fine physique.

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what i learned to do to get a good set of abs is to do squats or hip sled 3 days out of the week (just do a whole lifting regimen) then the off days do about 45-60 minutes of cardio but switch it up between running biking and swimming heck dancing works too but just make sure to mix it up else your body gets used to it and you don't see as much results but you need to burn more calories than you take in to get this stay away from alcohol, pop (or soda depending on your location) fast food, mayonaise, all that bad stuff, but weight training is most important, just don't do it, everything in moderation (no i don't have a personal trainer)

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Depending on where you are starting off, it will take a very long time to see a six pack. 4 to 5 months is not realisitic at all unless you are already extremely skinny (an ectotherm) to begin with. And even if you are, you will have a difficult time putting on muscle.

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