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going back to school, need fresh start...

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You'll be starting a brand new year at school, and you'll be busy with your friends and schoolwork. I wouldn't focus on meeting a guy right away. You'll be busy enough, and you've just gotten out of a long-term relationship. It's good to have some balance. You don't need to have a boyfriend right away, thought I'm sure guys will approach you at the right time.

As for the whole approaching insecurity- I'm sure you're a beautiful person inside and out, and that people will see that. Just approach guys you like the way you'd approach any person. Make friends with guys and then take it from there.

I've actually never been in a relationship, but I give advice to one of my friends who's had a boyfriend for almost three years, it's weird. I can also kind of relate because I'm shy and want to have a new start this year. It's my last year and I want to meet a guy when I start volunteering or something, even if it's just a bit of a fling. But back to you. Good luck on your situation

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I know how it is about having a Ex mail you. My ex just called me to see how I was doing. And that confused me becouse we have not talked for 2 years. But back to you I sugest you just try to not try to find someone I found that it works better if you dont try.

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