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His friend was weird, am I being cheated on?

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](*,) So I'm still in limbo about my relationship. I want to move on, but I'm still holding on to hope. Pathetic, I know!


Anyway, I saw one of his friends working yesterday (he works at a fast food outlet) and so my friend and I decided to go in and buy something and not mention my ex/bf?


His friend was acting kinda weird, like nervous/confused as to how to act, didn't even ask about my ex/bf? That is weird, right? First thing you usually ask is where is _____? or how is ____? Right?? He usually is pretty chatty, but seemed like he didn't know what to say and when he typed in our order, he typed the wrong thing 2 times before he got it right.


I know for sure they would be hanging out too. Was he trying to avoid the

topic because he didn't want to be the bearer or bad news??


I'm starting to think I'm getting cheated on cause I can't think of another explanation. ](*,)

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I assume that you still didn't break up with him, and are still in that NC thing that you described in your last post. I don't know what the friend was thinking, my first guess is that your ex/bf told him about problems. Maybe he told him you DID break up although he didn't tell you.


Girl, you don't NEED this person. He's making you unhappy, but you choose to stay in limbo by also doing NC and waiting for him to contact you. Why bother? Break up with him once and for all. Moving on will be a much easier process than staying in indefinite doubt. No one in a happy and healthy relationship will ignore his gf for 3 weeks.



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I finally called him today, but he didn't answer as I had guessed. I think I do need to just confront him, I guess I will just have to be stalker like and rock up at his place. My whole life is just falling apart. I feel like I have no one and honestly I don't, cause all the people I thought were my friend have done nothing for me and just left. I miss him so much and I just can't function. I hate the world.

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Girl, your whole world will not come to its end when you break up with this strange person. If he doesn't respond, then send him an email or letter. I think a letter is better. This is really bad for you. You will get over him, and you will function again. The world is probably a lot better if he's not in it to poison your every day life.



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But that will go away in time. I think what is more important here is that your situation becomes less blurry. The clarity of a break up is painful, but nothing is MORE torturing than not knowing where you stand with someone.


Take care,



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