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N/C N/C N/C How? How? How?

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I recently posted "4 weeks from split" and the feedback and emails I got were great. However can someone please let me know how I am supposed to do N/C when I have 2 kids who I love dearly. If I do no contact the kids lose out again on a decision that was not of their own doing.


I will give you a brief run down of were I am at the moment with my ex.


Almost 5 weeks now and it is even more strange!!



Hi me again, I had a bad day yesterday and I took the day off work. I didn't do much apart from mope around and sleep. All in all though I did enjoy it. I get a call in the evening from her saying "why are you not at work" she has obviously called me there to find it out. I say that I just fancied taking the day off, trying not to give her the slightest hint that it is because of the situation (personal pride and all that).


She then calls back and says if I was bored would I like to pop round to her sisters and spend a little time with her and the kids. I, of course, jumped at the chance. Had a great time and then just as I was going she says would I like to go home with them for dinner. I say yes, so we go. I help make dinner and we settle straight back into being a great partnership and team, we feed the kids and bath them and put them to bed, having loads of fun on the way. The kids go to bed and we are both exhausted.


Now we are alone she offers me a drink, I say just a small one because I have to drive home. She pours me a glass of wine and we settle down in front of the telly chatting and watching it a bit. 1hour later she says "I've been thinking, would you like to stay the night, it wouldn't be weird would it?". I say "well maybe a bit, but I suppose not that weird". she says "well you can help me finish the bottle of wine and we can watch a film together, and then tomorrow we can go shopping in the morning with the kids, it will be great". So I stay, not on the sofa but in her bed, she would not let me sleep on the sofa because it would make her feel bad. So I slept in her bed, can someone please tell me what the f@#k is happening, is this normal for the dumper to do all this or is this a glimmer of hope. Someone tell me please.


One other bit of news is that her Mum asked her whether she thought this was permanent and she said "I don't know", Mum says "do you still love him" She says "yes, but my feelings have changed but I don't know to what". I personally think she is having a bloody mid life crisis at 28. I don't know, can someone out sift through all the crap and tell me what they think. ](*,)

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