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Where and how to make new friends


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Hey everyone *waves*


I need some advice on making new friendships, both in general (for anyone else who may want tips on something like that), and for me personally. Most of the people I meet in real life (as opposed to online) are real social butterflies, and while they're fine to talk to, I'd prefer to meet some people who are less extroverted, outgoing and social - people in some senses more like me.


Most of the people I know in real life who I feel I have more in common with I befriended through primary and high school, which was the ideal environment for making friendships with quieter people.


I don't do any sports, never have and don't plan to, otherwise I know that'd be a good way to meet new, not neccessarily outgoing people. My interests - current events, video games, music and the other usual things - aren't much I can spark conversations with either. Academically, I'm in university at the moment, a great place to meet confident outgoing people, and since my degree is in pure mathematics, and since I spend so much of my time studying, I really don't have anything interesting happen to me, or anything interesting to say (unless they really, really like maths and physics ^^).


As for the online world, I've been able to make a lot of friends here, since introversion doesn't become much of a problem over the net, but I still often have problems finding things to talk about, whether with new or old friends. Anyway that's kind of off topic.. Though any mention of good websites and places to meet new people online is also appreciated, the more friends I can make the better!


I feel I really need to meet more people in real life that I can relate to and not feel like an outcast around because I'm so much more shy and quiet compared to them, I need this both for my social skills and because it's a metaphorical hole in my life at the moment.


All advice, help, comments and so forth are very greatly appreciated, sorry I wrote so much, that usually doesn't happen ^-^.

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