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A Haiku


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This is a Haiku poem. There is nothing angsty or tragic going on. Just a little poem I made up. I was reading a book about Japanese Haiku's, and I decided to write one myself.



The Raccoon


By Foxlocke



The thunder crashed. My house shook.

The rain never ceased, so I chose to read a book.

So loud was the racket that I never divined

the masked little bandit, the raccoon, fleetly

hijacking everything that was mine.

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Thanks Sum guy and Ailec!


Haiku encourages brevity and humor. Whenever I write a poem I am encouraged to create depth using tons of alliteration. However, with Haiku, I get to use my imagination and sense of humor. A haiku gives a scant view into a situation and it makes the reader think about what just happened. I love Haikus they are great.

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