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Is it in all single women's nature to be loved by somebody?

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I have a huge crush on this girl from my school. She is definitely single, and very shy. I've talked to my friends about her, and they all seem to think that she's unattractive, plain-looking, and too pale. She is actually kinda geeky. She wears the same clothes to school everyday, and doesn't wear any make ups. She is simply the type of girl that doesn't put out to guys. Nevertheless, she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life. I would honestly rather go out with her than Britney Spears if i had such a choice.

So i'm really curious as to if she would ever be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with a guy. I consider myself decent enough or good enough for her, but i'm worried that she's not ready for a boyfriend.

Then, IS IT IN ALL SINGLE WOMEN'S NATURE TO BE LOVED BY SOMEBODY? Do you think she would be surprised and glad to find out that there is actually someone out there who's seriously in love with her?... although she may have low self-esteem, and has never been asked out by any guy?

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If you care about this person as much as you say you do - you should tell her. It might make a difference. You never know what is going on in another person's mind. I think of myself as being somewhat like your young lady. Right now I know it would have made all the difference in the world to me had someone ever loved me or told me that they thought I was beautiful. So - Go for it!

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well its weird how u seem to say these things when im sort of in the same situation. i mean there is this guy, i notice him looking at me all of the time and i dont hate it, at all and sometimes i wish he would talk to me, if thats what he wants but yes its so weird how u mention how the girl u are in love with is like me. i am a very shy, i can be a geek but i love it i dont like being like every1 else, and latley i have been wearing the same clothes only cuz i am having problems,( i mean yes, i wash my clothes) but its so weird how u mention these things and i wear no make up at all cuz i cant at the moment and will try some eventually and i consider myself unattractive and most guys might anyways and i dont even care really cuz im a happy person but anyways i find this a lil ironic but ur in canada and im in maine so obviously im not her but ill tell you what u should. u should talk to her, because since im like her i know i would want to be talked to! it would make my day and im sure as hell it would make hers, im pretty sure that is. please don't be shy, maybe she feels the same way.... good luck and im glad theres a decent guy that doesnt go for girls like britney spears.

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