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Is it normal to argue?

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Hello everyone, nice community.

I have a stupid question, but id just like to hear your opinions.

Well, is it normal for couples to argue?

I dont see my partner often since we live in different countries, so now when we are back to being apart again, i think of our time together, and sometimes we did argue and i feel so bad and guilty about it now.

We never yell at each other or hit or throw things, but there were some arguemtns which now i feel bad about. I always try to solve and fix things.

I know i just miss him and overthink about everything, thats my bad habit, but i cant help feeling bad about our arguments and i wish i could go back and fix it so they would never happen

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Throw two strangers together into a room, give them a half dozen conversation topics, and I garuntee you they'll argue - heatedly - over at least one subject.


Differences to argue over are one of the delights of my relationships, If you like/love each other - and I'm assuming you do, seeing as you're still a thing over the space of countries - then it doesn't matter.


It's perfectly normal, don't worry about it. =)

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arguments and disagreements are going to happen. Sometimes they are over silly petty things and sometimes they can become serious.


I don't think there would be many people that can say they have never argued with their partner.


No two people are going to see eye to eye on everything all of the time.


I can understand wanting to take back or correct things that are said under heated arguing circumstances. It is easy to say things that we do not mean when we are upset.


I always try to go by what my mom used to always say, and that was " to never go to bed at night mad at one another". She always said it was best to come to an understanding and clear the air before saying goodnight or goodbye. That must have worked, because my parents have been married for 52 years now.


Sometimes In arguments we have to just "agree to disagree" .

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Hi 4ever,


Welcome to eNotAlone,


In addition to what previous posters said:


Differences are normal.


Arguments are common.


Resolving disputes is a challenge.


LDR makes it worse.


IMHO, I wish that you can be together with your SO more frequently to find out whether the above issues can be resolved.


Based on my experience, I would not enter into LDR again, not even consider.

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hello everyone,

thank you for your comments.

yes we are in love and ldr is not a problem for me cause i know we are for each other.

just makes me said thinking back of those arguments, but theres probably no perfect couple that never argues?

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